How it Works

In three simple steps:

1. Browse through unique fashion items from our trusted and verified seller community.

You can view items by either clicking Our Seller Stores or by selecting desired item categories in Shop Products menu.

2. Select your fashion item and enter your price.

Decide the value solely based on how much the item is worth to you. “How much is this item worth to you?”

3. The item is yours if the price you entered fits the store-verified price range.

The price range for each item is carefully vetted by us and our partners, so there are no negotiations. We hope that this would prevent certain buyers from sending out-of-norm lowball offers.

The WUDV Community

Every seller on WUDV is WUDV's trusted partner. Together with our partners, we work to achieve success through a safe and reliable marketplace. And for this partner success to be in top form, we vet our sellers through our unique onboarding process to ensure shoppers buy and sell goods securely at a fair price.

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