Our Story

Our Story

"Fxxx, I WUDV bought that if it was _____."

How many times were we a price tag away from buying our favorite items?
It absolutely sucks to walk away from a beautiful dress or a denim jacket because the price doesn’t seem it’s “worth it.”

That’s why we created WUDV, the marketplace of blank price tags: so that buyers won’t have to lose their favorite items and sellers won’t have to lose their clients.

WUDV is a marketplace where every participant can enjoy a frictionless shopping experience under the question, “how much is this item worth to me?”

With our growing community of top-tier sellers and their items, WUDV creates a healthier recommerce ecosystem that benefits both sellers and buyers. Together, we eliminate painful negotiations, complicated return policies, and, most importantly, the price hurdle.

We believe that shopping no longer has to be binary a yes or no question about whether to buy something or not. Without pricetags, shopping can be a more open-ended question of, how you would want to buy something.

With WUDV, shopping becomes an enjoyable experience of searching, choosing, and paying, just like a joyful day of shopping at a mall. Except, this time, you get to choose your price.

Welcome to the marketplace of blank price tags.

Our MIssion

Make Shopping "Worthwhile"

You choose the item. You choose the price. You choose the time spent. Make every dollar, time, and effort spent count.