Our Team

Our Team

  • Eddy Park

    Co-Founder and CEO

  • Brandon Chang

    Co-Founder and CTO

  • Kevin Lee

    Creative Director

  • Michelle Kim

    Brand Manager

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A Message from the Founders

The market has never evolved faster than it has over the past decade. Growth and opportunities exploded, loud enough to have every sector of the industry hear that things are changing. There is no monolithic chain or binary relationship between customer and producer anymore. Instead, there is a long, dynamic, supply chain where every individual involved functions as a partner, where each and every partner makes a unique contribution to the market.

The fashion industry is no different. The people here know it by the skin. Top-notch corporations don’t control the fashion supply chain anymore. People like we do. People who actively buy and sell on shifting parts of the supply chain, or in other words, who grease the machine so it can run.

That is precisely why fast-growing fashion marketplaces were able to thrive in this transitory period of partner ecosystems. They thrived thanks to partners like us. But in reality, they failed you. They’ve been raising commissions, complicating cash flows, diverting attention, and changing return policies. They shook your hands with one hand and slapped you across the face with the other. Then moved on to use those same hands to cash in their checks.

We promise to do something that fashion marketplaces have failed to do in the past: listen to our clients, and treat them as our partners. Our success will be your success; and we will use numbers, metrics, incentives, and real value to prove that as we move forward. 

Help us succeed together. Just like our price tags, there will always be a blank for you to fill. Email us any time any day. We will make sure to listen and reach back to your concerns, comments, questions, and suggestions as soon as possible. Help us create a new breed of partner ecosystem in the fashion industry. 

Thank you so much for being a part of the WUDV journey. Merry shopping.